Ooda is the oo-la-la of the party….every party. The accolades of her reign over the fabulous galas across the globe will continue to be the talk of the town. Do not hesitate to imitate her attire as she is a trend setter! Learn from her….be extravagant, eccentric….even outlandish! She is here to remind you to enjoy life and create wonderful memories of the ride!

16″ tall free standing

Leona Winecart

Leona has spent most of her life in the big city with the splash and grandeur of the rich and famous. She is well known in her circle of friends – for her role as “wine taster aficionado”. She has partied with the hardiest without regard for her limitations so her reputation is not what it once was. Her taste for the grape can get out of hand….so do not leave any open bottles within her reach unattended!
34″ tall wine caddy holds 4 glasses and 2 bottles of wine.