Toobin is a creature from the hill country of the far west. Although he is part elven, his magic is very limited. He will stand guard over the cup so please feel free to fill it with coins….. oh, how he loves coins….or any other treasure you feel needs his watchful eye. He has a bit of mischief in his soul, so don’t be too hard on him if he changes your coins to pencils.

13″ tall cup/container

Rubin Stein



Mr. Stein is a song and dance man who has been in the “business” for longer than most of us have been around. He has hung up his tap shoes but he continues to croon whenever he hears music. He carries the stein (cup) with him at all times in case you want to throw money at him.

12″ tall  –  cup

Judeki The Joker

Judeki is a card playing fool. He has lost all but this grand mug he is so attached to. His hope is that you will fill it with change or some other treasure that will allow him to play yet another game of cards. Do not make the mistake of being his partner in any high-stakes game….remember….he is The Joker!
17″ tall glass card mug collects change for that next game or any other treasures.