My husband and I built a sailboat over a period of several years and finally moved aboard with our five year old son in 1988. It didn’t take long before we realized that being retired wasn’t an option, so with my ever present ‘artistic flair’, I began turning sea shells into delicate pieces of jewelry.

In 1992 I was introduced to polymer clay. My passion for this medium grew as I discovered the joy of creating colors, making beads and learning to manipulate the clay.  This new line of brightly colored jewelry included everything from earrings and hair baubles to ankle bracelets and toe rings.

Every season we sailed south to Trinidad in the early summer to get away from the threat of hurricanes and returned to the Virgin Islands by December.  I was invited to participate in art fairs, juried shows and gallery openings as well as developing the largest resort shop on each island as clientele.  I have sold my jewelry, hand-painted clothing, and soft-sculpted ‘island’ dolls from the Florida Keys to the Virgin Islands to Trinidad and almost every island in between throughout the Eastern Caribbean.

My work has been seen at Bamboola on St. Johns, USVI, the Four Seasons, a five-star resort on Nevis, the Black Swan on St. Barts, Sandals at La Toq on St. Lucia and the Hilton in Port of Spain, Trinidad, just to name a few.

We returned to Florida in 1996 and I took a hiatus to pursue other interests.  I recently began writing a fantasy  novel which brought me back to my art to bring ‘life’ to some of the characters in my book.  Thus, the family of Stir Crazies was born.


In case you’re wondering … How It All Begins …     

Each character in the Stir Crazies family begins with a wooden spoon – just like the one in your kitchen.  A metal armature is attached to the bowl of the spoon giving the polymer clay a framework to adhere to.  Although every one of them start out exactly the same, they all emerge distinctly different as their personalities begin to develop.

My studio is filled with over a hundred tubs and drawers of beads and baubles, fabrics and lace, wigs and hats, and feathers and accessories of all descriptions.  The right foundation is very important for their stability.  I have used easels, wine caddies and vases as well as other sturdy anchors for them.  I make all of their clothes, most of their jewelry and I listen closely as they tell me what they want to be when they ‘grow up’.





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