Stir Crazies is home to a large family of colorful and sometimes outrageous wooden spoon characters - no two are alike. Some are free standing and some of them hang. Many are functional; they might be part of an easel, hook, basket, candleholder, wine caddy, container or whatever else I can think of or build. They are a combination of clay, wood, wire, fabric, yarn, feathers, hair, leather, beads and baubles, and soul - lots of soul.....just to name a few of the ingredients that might go into one of them. Most important, they each have a unique personality and a story to tell. I welcome your questions and comments and hope you enjoy browsing through my gallery.

Please come again as new faces will appear often.

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Tat is a crafty fellow who laughs at almost everything. I am sorry to say, he will even laugh uproariously if you bump your head or stub your toe. Please use a smaller candle on his candle holder as he will not think it quite so funny if you drip hot wax on him....he might even be a bit vindictive. Put him in a dark room if you just can not stand the giggling.

Price: $172.00 (free S&H) 19'' tall (candlestick)



From the reptile world, Hissra has developed the uncanny ability to communicate with all creatures. As his power has grown, his eyesight has slowly failed, so he is evermore dependent on the ancient medallion he carries with him that allows him to see with his inner eye. Enjoy the harmony he brings to any space he spends time in.

Price:  $180.00  (free S&H)  10.5" tall  -  freestanding



Mr. Stein is a song and dance man who has been in the “business” for longer than most of us have been around. He has hung up his tap shoes but he continues to croon whenever he hears music. He carries the stein (cup) with him at all times in case you want to throw money at him.

Price:  $125.00  (free S&H)  12" tall  -  cup



The leader of a little known tribe called the Fiaydal, an ancient and mystical branch of a mixed elven clan. They still reside in the northern enclaves of Mondorvia but are almost completely forgotten in our world. Enjoy Pingo as he will surround you with his goodness and wisdom. He can not tell your future…but he can see into your past. He will tell you, “change your actions, change your world”.

Price:  SOLD  ( NO LONGER AVAILABLE )  15.5" tall  -  freestanding



A true diva of the feline world. The old adage about cats having nine lives makes her shake her head and say, “tsk”, “tsk”, as she’s already on #11 and truly wonders… ’why limit yourself’? Her bad habits and sinful ways have helped to make her who she is today and is warmly referred to around the hood as Bodacious Catatious! Enjoy her presence and when she’s not to be found, please be patient with her purrrowling ways.

Price:  $395.00  (free S&H)  13.5" tall  - freestanding



Gladys has walked many runways in her time. She believes anything can be improved with lipstick and a great hat. Her claim to stardom, although short lived, continues atop this easel that carries an elegant mirror. Do not let her push you aside as she primps and preens.

Price: $215.00  (free S&H)  17.5" tall -  easel


“BIDU - The Traveler”

This fellow has traveled thousands of miles on foot and worn down many a walking stick. He is very wary of modern day transportation and is surprisingly shy even though he has traveled far and wide. Most of us have caught a glimpse of him on a path in the woods, across a meadow, or maybe sitting under a tree in the park, without realizing what a special woodland creature he is. Bidu is wise beyond his years….on his next birthday he will be 163. He will bring luck to those who hold him dear.

Price: (no longer available)   13.5" tall  - freestanding



Bong-o is still livin’ in the 60’s, man! That’s cool though, right-on? Although he understands CRS (can’t remember shit) syndrome, he encourages those flash-backs and memories from another decade. He will bring peace and tranquility to your home with a little nostalgia. Just ‘light one up’ - incense that is - and enjoy!

Price: SOLD (no longer available)  20.5'' tall hangs-cone incense burner or jewelry caddy



Although Brulag looks like he is from the distant past….many of his clan are still among us today. He is actually a kinder, gentler soul than most of his ancestors, but he is the first to admit, that sometimes…he still acts like a caveman. He is a real reminder that with patience and love - and an occasional can of beer - you can teach an old dog new tricks.

Price: $167.00 (free S&H) 14" tall free standing



Confetti is Caribbean inspired and she has a flair for the supernatural. Her ‘seeing’ eye allows her to glimpse into the future and sit back and wait for it to become the past. Her motto is, “Hey Mon, relax, it’s island time,” and “no problem.” She happens to be right most of the time, so……kick back and enjoy her energy!

Price: $177.00 (free S&H) 15'' tall free standing



The genie of the red lamp has washed up on many a shore. He’s a bit crotchety….but who wouldn’t be at his age? Most wishes are attended to, but honestly, there is no guarantee. Jinn has found that there is no real retribution for not granting his owners every need. Eventually, he just gets passed on, kicked to the curb or tossed overboard once again - and that’s his biggest love - more traveling. You can usually ply him with his favorite things…..spicy foods and riddles. So, good luck with him - he’s really very clever.

Price: $165.00 (free S&H) 9.5" tall on wooden base



Fondly referred to as Me-Me, by those who know and love her. She comes from a long line of singing sea cows, but she is the first to break tradition and leave her natural environment of the underwater caves of Pretoria. If you are enjoying her presence, and find yourself humming a tune, Me-Me will take credit, knowing how contagious her passion is. She has sung with the best - BeBe Streisando, Perry Komos, and, of course, Franklin Sinatrano, just to name a few……so, you’re in great company.

Price: $209.00 (free S&H) 15" tall free standing



Ooda is the oo-la-la of the party….every party. The accolades of her reign over the fabulous galas across the globe will continue to be the talk of the town. Do not hesitate to imitate her attire as she is a trend setter! Learn from her….be extravagant, eccentric….even outlandish! She is here to remind you to enjoy life and create wonderful memories of the ride!

Price: $133.00 (free S&H) 16" tall free standing



Shondee has enough attitude to fill any room with her smile and presence. She sits atop an easel and is willing to share the space with a picture, bowl or plate. Just understand - she gets top billing!

Price: $196.00 (free S&H) 19'' tall easel



Toobin is a creature from the hill country of the far west. Although he is part elven, his magic is very limited. He will stand guard over the cup so please feel free to fill it with coins….. oh, how he loves coins….or any other treasure you feel needs his watchful eye. He has a bit of mischief in his soul, so don’t be too hard on him if he changes your coins to pencils.

Price: $125.00 (free S&H) 13" tall cup/container



Velkom is an inviting sprite totem with sparkling eyes and a hint of a smile. His secrets are many and only to be shared with someone most special. Being a sprite he is full of mischief, but his heart is filled with kindness. Place him where he can watch over all and bring a smile to your face.

Price: $65.00 (free S&H) 17'' tall hanging totem



Victor is always along for the ride….attaching himself to almost anything that catches his fancy. He loves to ride in style and knows this candlestick could bring anything from romance to setting the mood for a good bit of storytelling. Oh, “Watch that hot wax, honey…..don’t you even be drippin’ it on me, dearie or I am so gone!!” His words….not mine. So, use a smaller candle and for Victor’s sake, keep track of the wax!

Price: SOLD  (no longer available)    23.5" tall candlestick



Ali will stand guard over your favorite bottles of wine and is the first to give an opinion whether ‘red’ or ‘white’ is appropriate. He would like you to believe he’s a real connoisseur and will even offer to be the ‘taster’. Do not be fooled…..he has over imbibed on more than one occasion and gone on to drain the bottle dry.

Price:  SOLD  (no longer available)   21" tall (wine caddy, letter holder or flower pot holder)



Topeekio has been around a long time. You can see that his plumage is so grand it is hard to tell if he is bird or man. The color of his feathers signify health - so enjoy his healing energy and allow him to fill your home with his ability to expand your awareness.

Price: $162.00 19" tall (freestanding in wooden vase)



Hildreth is quite ancient and in all her years has been called by many names. Witch, sorceress or fortune teller are among those she has heard most often. She claims none of them, though I have seen her do a bit of magic when vexed by small children or trying out a new spell gone wrong. She is a great story teller - just don’t believe everything she tells you!

Price: SOLD (no longer available) 15.5" tall (freestanding)



If Gremish has found his way into your home, then he has also found his way into your heart. He comes from a woody, tree-like vine species that carpets the forest floor found only in the very deepest part of the woods. If you get him in just the right mood - he will regale you with his storytelling abilities. Whether you believe him or not….is up to you.


Price: SOLD (no longer available) 12" tall (freestanding)



Gilda offers her basket to hold your treasures. Perhaps letters or dried flowers will find their way into her open arms. Her green thumb may soon become yours if you keep her around long enough and listen closely to her sage advice regarding your plants and flowers.

Price: $175.00 22" tall (basket w/ built-in hanger on back)



Mira has found the magic of this old mirror to prove what she has known all along - she is “the fairest of them all”! Her gypsy grandmother was the one to place the enchantment on the mirror - that anyone who peered into it - would lay claim to that same belief. You too can be “the fairest of them all” - just don’t tell Mira!

Price: $240.00 (free S&H) old gothic mirror is 27" tall, base 17" wide-6 3/4" deep, mirror is 13" tall and Mira is 11" not including feathers in her hat.


Judeki is a card playing fool. He has lost all but this grand mug he is so attached to. His hope is that you will fill it with change or some other treasure that will allow him to play yet another game of cards. Do not make the mistake of being his partner in any high-stakes game....remember....he is The Joker!

Price: $175.00 (free S&H)  17" tall glass card mug collects change for that next game or any other treasures.



Gretel loves her new found home among the green leaves of this little table. She is a fairite, (a cross between a fairy and a sprite), without the magic of either. Her spell comes from her sweet, knowing smile she shares with everyone as she listens quietly to the secrets and stories that unfold around her. Do not worry, though, your privacy is safe with Gretel - she is the ‘secret keeper’.

Price: $240.00 (free S&H) 22 1/2" table w/ a tamarind wood top and an intricate copper colored metal base.  Triangular base is7" wide on each side and Gretel is 10 1/2" tall in center of table surrounded by green glass leaves.



Neville combs the beaches near and far and collects the riches that wash ashore. His great joy is finding another shell or bauble or treasure that the sea tosses up on the sand. Place him among your cherished favorites and he will never leave you or lose that silly grin.

Price: $180.00 191/2" tall



Horetense has become rather notorious in the Hollywood circles she thrives in. Her little black book is filled with the likes of George Looney, Orlando Bloomed, Bradley Pitts, and Nicholas Sage, to name just a few. Her opinion on fashion is sought by many, but unless you are comfortable with comments like, “Outrageous!”, or “Scandalous!”, you probably do not want to follow her advice too closely!

Price: $240.00 (free S&H) 37" candlestick - Horetense is 18"



Twila is one of those little sprites that could pop up anywhere. Her stories and language can be as colorful as her outfits, so be ready to interrupt her when she gets carried away…. in case there are children present. She comes and goes as she pleases, although she is very fond of this bowl she currently resides in. Be warned - if not allowed to enjoy an occasional party - she can be prone to mischief.

Price: $170.00 (free S&H) 14" tall



Leona has spent most of her life in the big city with the splash and grandeur of the rich and famous. She is well known in her circle of friends - for her role as “wine taster aficionado”. She has partied with the hardiest without regard for her limitations so her reputation is not what it once was. Her taste for the grape can get out of hand….so do not leave any open bottles within her reach unattended!

Price: SOLD (no longer available)  34" tall wine caddy holds 4 glasses and 2 bottles of wine.



Boris comes from the ‘old country’ and still holds on to the old ways. His favorite task is to stand watch over a couple bottles of good wine and quietly enjoy watching the festivities that unfold around him. On rare occasion he may make a suggestion for your next uncorking - follow his advice - he is really good at that!

Price:  $150.00 15" tall holds 2 bottles of wine or letters or hand towels......or any other treasures you might have.



Merl is proud of her Irish heritage. Her lovely red hair is no more as she has overindulged in the ‘grape’ way too often over the years - which is very apparent by the lovely shade of purple her skin and hair have acquired. Her claim to stand guard over your open bottle is a ploy to drink your wine. She will distract you with her fairy tales and folklore and before you know it - another bottle - empty!

Price: SOLD (no longer available)   23" tall silver wine caddy



Tallboy comes from a tiny island in the Caribbean where he is known as a real rascal. He loves reggae, palm trees, fishin’ and the ladies. He has a sweetheart on every island and lives by the old adage, ’love makes the world go ‘round’. Be careful or you too will find yourself caught in this endearing fellows captivating net of charm!

Price: $185.00  (free S&H) 28" tall



Napa is enchanting -but, oh so sassy! He fancies himself as a real ‘lady’s man’! He will always try to get you to open that second bottle of wine and stay up way too late as he works at charming your ‘socks’ off. Remember, he is a scamp and gives no thought to anyone having to get up early - so keep in mind - you’re in the presence of a real party boy!

Price: $215.00 (free S&H)21" tall wine caddy decorated w/ clusters of grapes and leaves holds 1 bottle and 4 wine glasses.



Zinnie has fallen in love with her perch on this great wine caddy. She really believes in ‘location, location, location’! She claims to have the best seat in the house to meet and greet - and, no one can resist stopping to ‘oooh’ and ‘aaaah’ over her as they pass.

Price: $200.00 (free S&H) 21" tall - 2 bottle wine caddy



Dukker is an ancient wizard who brings little sparks of magic to any corner he rests in. He is a ‘watcher’ who believes anything is possible as he has seen the impossible unfold before his eyes many times. He encourages peace and tranquility and a belief in oneself to achieve extraordinary things in life. Enjoy his engaging presence.

Price:  $240.00 (free S&H) 60" three shelf stand.  Dukker is 20" tall @ top.


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