Come in, hang out, leave a comment or just enjoy.  I would love to know who’s your favorite or what you like, in particular, about any of the characters.  Feel free to ask questions or leave suggestions.  I look forward to hearing from you.





JANUARY  4th,  2013      …welcome to the New Year…          DSCN1735-01

My wish for the New Year is that we all enjoy good health, prosperity and wonderful relationships.  That being said….I’ll try to make this short and leave you with a reminder about how precious life is and how important it is to LIVE your life and not just get through it day by day…waiting for the ‘weekends’.  You are the driver–the one in control of where you go and how you get there.  Take the reins and head in the direction that is most exciting and inspiring to YOU.  Dream BIG, love well and believe in yourself.


DECEMBER  29th,  2012       …anoTHer  chAracTer…        DSCN1524 02           DSCN1845

This is one of the many parts and pieces that make up a Stir Crazies character.  The sculpture hasn’t told me what her name is yet–I do know it’s a ‘she’ and she will be attached to this great chair and ultimately become an unusual jewelry display.  It will be something to hook your earrings on or drape your bracelets across the seat or hang your necklaces over the chair back.  This character will be flamboyant and flashy in her attire and is very excited to get out there and be appreciated by all.


DECEMBER  27th,  2012   …heRe  cOmeS  the  NeW  YeaR…          DSCN1860

Everybody ready for 2013??  You might as well be…cause it’s just around the corner and it’s not waitin’ for you or anyone else.  It’s the time of year when you draft your ‘New Year’s Resolutions’. You know, those ‘deals’ with yourself regarding the transformations you are ABSOLUTELY going to make.  We all want to bring about changes in love or our health or a career or even where we live.  My advice, [for those of you that might be interested] is to tackle one ‘change’ at a time.  By focusing your attention you are less likely to set yourself up for failure and you’re far more likely to accomplish one metamorphosis at a time rather than a list of things.  Be well, celebrate life and remember to say ‘thank you’ everyday.


DECEMBER  21st,  2012        …the countdown to CHriSTmAs…          DSCN1861

Long ago and far away Christmas began as the annual celebration of Jesus Christ’s birthday.  Although it is now a widely observed holiday around the world it’s meaning has changed into something very different for many.  Most of us do still see it as the season for sharing.  We give gifts, bake delicious treats, give tokens of appreciation to those that make our lives better like the postman, trash man or the guy who cuts our lawn or cleans the pool.  It really is a lovely time of the year because people take the time to acknowledge each other with a Merry Christmas or a Happy Holidays. Enjoy this time with your families and loved ones because who knows what tomorrow might bring. I encourage everyone to say ‘I love you’ to those important to you and give your time and attention especially to the young and old in your families. Enjoy this holiday season and I wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!   …ho..ho..ho…


DECEMBER  17th,  2012           …neW  FacEs in the STudIO…      DSCN1835 1aDSCN1838  1a

Here are a couple of new faces in the studio. They’ve not yet told me their names although I have a very good idea of what their purpose is going to be. One of them is the smallest face I’ve worked on so far and the other is the largest–and heaviest piece I’ve done. Lots of kibitzing and comments being thrown around on those overhead shelves in the studio where Kit Catatious and the gang hang out. I think even the feisty Bodacious Catatious is a little put off by the size of the ‘new guy’ and her comments are mumbled and whispered knowing she’s far outweighed already. *Just a reminder–if you click on the photo it will give you a larger and more detailed shot than the small photo you see here.*


DECEMBER  13th,  2021       ~ ~ 2013 Stir Crazies Calendar ~ ~     DSCN1831  1

Welcome to my fantasy filled world of unusual and sometimes outrageous characters.  These members of the Stir Crazies family will walk you through the next twelve months offering sage advice, comments and witticisms.  Check out my shop, StirCrazies,  [note: it’s all one word w/ caps on the ‘S’ and ‘C’]  on  www.Zazzle.com.  You can scroll through all the pages with colorful images and quotations and see who’s your favorite.  Calendars can be ordered directly from the shop–Zazzle runs great sales–or you can contact me cause I have a few left.


DECEMBER  10th,  2012     …builDing TRaditions…      

Isn’t that what so much of the Christmas holidays are about for all of us?  I think we all try to capture some of those traditions we were raised with and hope to instill in our children.  The season can bring stress and even sad memories but we need to figure out ways to dispel some of that and replace it with anticipation, wonderful music, delicious baking odors and smaller, less complicated gift giving.  I’m going to host our families second annual ornament making event and combine it with the first annual cookie baking exchange.  We had a great time last year and those ornaments are on my tree this year.  My hope is that the younger members of the family always remember these times of wonderful and warm camaraderie.  I hope that they too will find it important to continue with the traditions that mean the most to them when the baton is finally passed on.


DECEMBER  9th,  2012          ~  CHrIstMAs  ChEEr ~     

The elves have been busy at  both shop locations–Knot on Main in Dunedin and Antiques & Uniques in Ozona–and we have decorations, ornaments, trees, and gifts.  There is a wide variety from traditional to whimsical and everything in between.  We have sparkles and glitter, rustic or beachy and even vintage.  Come in and wander through and it’s doubtful you’ll go home empty handed.  I’m sure you’ll mark off at least one or two gifts on your Christmas list.


 NOVEMBER 29th,  2012         …so much to do…so little time…          

The holidays are upon us.  It’s a time for getting together, decorating our homes and Christmas trees, shopping, baking and wrapping gifts.  It is also the season for remembering and giving thanks.  Don’t leave ‘gratitude’ off of your ‘to do’ list.  Be thankful for the time spent with friends and family — past or present.  Do those things that bring you together with the children that are close to you — build gingerbread houses, bake and share cookies or sit around a bonfire telling stories.  CrEaTe MeMoRiEs!


NOVEMBER  26th,  2012     Here comes………C H r I s T m A S!!     

ho…ho…ho… it’s just around the corner!  Our family always comes together to share meals, laughter and each other’s company during the holiday season.   We continue to build traditions and make memories  even though it is difficult in today’s world with each of us being pulled in different directions with jobs, school, activities, schedules, appointments…and LIFE.  It can be a stressful time of year so remember to take extra care when it comes to shopping, traveling and attending events.  Those are my words of wisdom for the upcoming holidays…and don’t forget to ENJOY the wonders of the season that we are all blessed with.



NOVEMBER  22nd,  2012          HapPy  THanKsGIviNG !!!      

…and a Happy Thanksgiving to all…it’s truly a day to remember to be thankful for all we have in our lives…family, friends, faith and…this day usually brings good food to our table.  We’ve all lost someone close to us, been touched by war, illness or calamity [sometimes called ‘Mother Nature’].  As I grow older, I find those are the things called ‘life’.  Always remember to be thankful and enjoy what comes your way.




NOVEMBER  10th,  2012   …tis the season…      

I’m starting to build the Stir Crazies calendars for 2013. You’ll see great photos of the old gang with lots of sage advice.  Bidu here, will kick the New Year off in January and he’s followed by eleven more of his buddies.  Check it out on Zazzle or get in touch with me.


NOVEMBER  4th,  2012   …an update…      

It’s true, ya know, just like my grandma always told me…’the older you get–the faster the years go by’.  Truer words were never spoken. November charged right in like an out of control teenager on roller skates and bringing up the rear is December bursting at the seams ready to dump all that holiday cheer on us.  Well, here’s a photo from Christmas past.  We’re gearing up already planning our traditional family gatherings.  My sister and I share the space in those great shops where we sell new and used treasures that are looking for a place in someone else’s home.  We are going to sprinkle some Christmas magic at both locations hoping to dazzle young and old alike with our displays. Come check us out at Knot on Main in Dunedin or Antiques and Uniques in Ozona.


OCTOBER  17th, 2012             SHOP NEWS            

We opened a new  space in another ‘mall’ in Ozona and we’re busy filling it with the plethora of treasures my sister and I have accumulated over the years. Some new, some old, and sometimes I look at an item and wonder how I can EVEN think of giving it up!! The new shop is called Antiques & Uniques and has two locations–one in Palm Harbor and another one, where we rent a space, is located in Ozona.  Check out these photos–that’s right–you’re looking at a vintage birdcage, Waterford crystal wine glasses, an American Girl doll and several other collectible items–please come in and wander around.


AUGUST  30th,  2012            …more Shop News…..      

If you’re looking for that special piece to fill in a set or simply find yourself falling in love with a beautiful piece of history from the 1940’s or 50’s when looking at the crystal, bone china, or decorative shelves we have displayed–jump right in and call it your own. Or maybe, one of these 15 oz  Stir Crazies mugs is more your ‘cup of tea’?


AUGUST  20th,  2012            ~ tReAsuReS  in the Shop ~     

Here are photos of just a few of the  ‘treasures’ found in our new shop space.  A polymer clay framed mirror embellished with a variety of baubles, driftwood and feathers. Also a short glass bottle covered in polymer bedecked with vibrant feathers and beads and, of course, a necklace & earring set.  Just ‘a few of my favorite things’ — all to be found in our shop — home to a variety of items ranging from vintage to miniatures to collectibles including dolls, crystal and bone china.  You’ll also find lots of DIY books and jewelry and Stir Crazies mugs.  Come in and wander around–you’re sure to find a gift or that ‘special something’ you’ve been searching for over the years.


AUGUST  17th,  2012     ~ NEW Shop Space ~          

Moved into a small shop space in an antique/collectibles/gift mall in Dunedin. It’s called Knot On Main and my hope is to give Stir Crazies exposure in a little different venue and move along some of those treasures I’ve either collected or made over the years.  These ‘treasures’ are ready to move on and into someone else’s home.  Currently, Gilda Gardener is the first to make an appearance and hang on the wall along with some cool mugs and mousepads and great 8 x 10 photos of other members of the Stir Crazies family.  Still working feverishly at finishing THE Book and building the new characters that will be ready for adventure and the limelight at a location yet to be determined.  Be sure to ‘like’ us on facebook and check back from time to time for updates.


JULY  24th,  2012          …Gallery Update…          

The gallery, Graffiti Atelier, in Tarpon Springs closed it’s doors in May.  It had been ‘home’ to many of the Stir Crazies characters since last November [2011] and we were very sorry to leave.  Several found their ‘forever homes’ during their stay including Confetti Tutu, Toobin, Melodious Melvina, Gladys Glamhoorah, and Napa Vallet.  Although they will be missed here in the studio we are very excited to have them go out into the world to look for adventure and spread their humor and warmth in other places.


JULY  23rd,  2012       NEW Characters                             

Lots of changes happening in and around the Stir Crazies studio.  Sorry to say the gallery where several of these guys were hanging out, closed.  Nobody really wanted to come home after having that wonderful exposure—but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.   So, here they are surrounding the very same table where they were all created. …and I’ll have to listen to the comments, suggestions and snide remarks as I sculpt and build their bothers and sisters.  These are a few of the new faces you’ll be seeing soon.




Ali Imbiba




Ali will stand guard over your favorite bottles of wine and is the first to give an opinion whether ‘red’ or ‘white’ is appropriate. He would like you to believe he’s a real connoisseur and will even offer to be the ‘taster’. Do not be fooled…..he has over imbibed on more than one occasion and gone on to drain the bottle dry.

21″ tall (wine caddy, letter holder or flower pot holder)


Napa Vallet



Napa is enchanting -but, oh so sassy! He fancies himself as a real ‘lady’s man’! He will always try to get you to open that second bottle of wine and stay up way too late as he works at charming your ‘socks’ off. Remember, he is a scamp and gives no thought to anyone having to get up early – so keep in mind – you’re in the presence of a real party boy!

21″ tall wine caddy decorated w/ clusters of grapes and leaves holds 1 bottle and 4 wine glasses.

Zinnie Fidel


Zinnie has fallen in love with her perch on this great wine caddy. She really believes in ‘location, location, location’! She claims to have the best seat in the house to meet and greet – and, no one can resist stopping to ‘oooh’ and ‘aaaah’ over her as they pass.

21″ tall – 2 bottle wine caddy