Welcome to my world of fantasy & delight.

     Please come in and enjoy the show as I introduce you to my original, handmade, one of a kind cast of characters. Each of these multimedia fantasy sculptures has an attitude and their own stories to tell and, perhaps, you will invite one of them to come and live with you, or at the very least, I hope they bring a smile to your face.

I discovered the joy of polymer clay in 1992. My husband and I started making jewelry while sailing the Eastern Caribbean for over 8 years. We blended all of our own colors and made our own designs for our beads using the millefiori technique. It was very exciting exhibiting at art fairs and resorts from Puerto Rico to Trinidad. I also found I had a passion for making very flamboyant and festive soft sculpt ‘island’ dolls during our travels. Living aboard wet my appetite to capture the color and intensity of the tropics.

Combining the two crafts seemed the natural progression, so I invested in two blocks of Prosculpt, a different kind of polymer clay and fell in love with it. Now I am hooked as my creations evolve into their own world of make believe. Each one is a surprise as it begins with a wooden spoon and a lump of clay and I watch as it unfolds in my hands and its personality comes alive. Some are glamorous and extravagant, while others are more down to earth and charming.  They are all sprinkled with a bit of magic and humor from my world.


***Don’t miss ‘Blog’ or ‘Story Time’ for updates on members of the Stir Crazies family, the studio or the new ‘shops’.  Looking forward to your feedback.***



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